Naples, Italy. San Francesco di Paola at Piazza Plebiscito, the largest public square in Naples. Completed in 1816 as the King's tribute to Napoleon, then converted to a church. Certainly inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, features a central Greek-style pediment over eight columns and a central rotunda and dome.




For more photos of Neoclassical architecture on Flickr, Click here.







Orvieto, Italy.



York, England. The York Castle Museum, built originally as a prison in the 1700s in different phases.





York, England. The Mansion House, c.1732. Designed in the Georgian style, with pilasters (flat columns built into the facade), a central Greek-style pediment, quoins (decorative corner stones), and rusticated ground floor. The Georgian style is the British variation of neoclassical architecture.

Bruges (Brugge), Belgium. A neoclassical-styled pavilion in one of the city's public spaces.


Palace of Justice, Nice, France.







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